Flexi-Boarding Proving a Popular Option

15 October 2021


Boarding is a key part of life at Caldicott, and one of the cornerstones of the school. As a way of extending our boarding provision and further easing the transition into weekly boarding in our two senior years, we have been offering our boys in the 1st – 4th Form the option to flexi-board.

We can happily report that after a few weeks of this new offer, many boys and parents have chosen to make use of it. In fact, we’ve had such a large take-up, that we will be making logistical changes after half term, such as moving all the 1st – 4th Form dorms into Mr Irvine’s corridor, which is in a quieter part of the boarding house and gives easier access to the night matron. We will also be turning the 4th form lights out 15 minutes later to give them more time for quiet reading before they go to sleep.. One parent has written to Mr Cooper to express her thoughts on flexi-boarding, 'Thank you so much for your help in sorting and maintaining the flexi-boarding for this half term! I know X adores his nights at school and it has swiftly become a key part of his Caldicott experience.'

So far, we have an occupancy of 54% over the week, so make sure you sign up using the Parent Portal to book your son in for up to four nights a week each week. Alternatively, make use of our occasional boarding where your son can board ad hoc any night or week.

Of course, in the second half of term we will continue to monitor the success of flexi-boarding, to assess if any further improvements can be made.