Past Events

Centenary Arts Festival

This festival lasted three days, from 15th-17th October 2004. It was a tremendous event, with a different focus on each day. As well as celebrating a hundred years of Caldicott, it was also a celebration of the new Centenary Hall. The events are listed below, with the text from the programme, and pictures.


This was a performance by professional jazz musicians, Caldicott boys, and a famous ex-pupil.

The Guildhall Jazz Orchestra, Director Scott Stroman
Special Guest: Ben Castle, OC


So who is Scott Stroman?

Scott is Head of Jazz and Studio Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He has worked as a Professor at the Guildhall School of Music And Drama since 1983. He directs the annual Guildhall Summer School, works in both contemporary classical and improvised music at the Dartington Summer School, and was music director for Globe Music Exchange and the Highbury Festival of Music and the Arts.

Scott’s education work is greatly acclaimed. It often embraces improvisation, composition, and techniques from many styles and cultures leading to the development of aural awareness and practical understanding of the fundamentals of rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Why is he here tonight?

Scott has been associated with music at Caldicott for some years. It is a feature of the weeks after the Sixth Forms’ final examinations that he has come in to run an intensive one-day workshop, always culminating in a performance involving some ‘real’ jazz and ‘real’ improvisation. It is particularly appropriate - and very welcome - that he is the focus of this, the first night of the first major function in our new Centenary Hall.




As the son of the much-loved entertainer, Roy Castle, Ben has carved out an independent niche for himself in the world of jazz. An ex-Caldicott boy, in 1987 he went on to Wellington College. At the age of 13 he achieved Grade 8 clarinet, with distinction!

At 18 he took the Guildhall Postgraduate Jazz course (Guildhall again!), and at 20 he recorded ‘Big Celebration’ with his father. There have been other recordings since then, and there are currently several ongoing projects.

Some recent reviews:

One of my satisfactions running Ronnie’s is hearing young musicians and I am much impressed by tenor saxophonist Ben Castle. His command of the tenor is quite exceptional, particularly of the instrument’s lower register”
Pete King (Director of Ronnie Scott’s Club)

Ben must be one of the most important figures to emerge onto the jazz scene for years. I think that the future of British jazz is in very safe hands”
Pete Strange - Jazz Journal International




Matthew Johnson Piano - Solo work by Ian Owdy
Jamie Brown Piano - Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin
Jonathan Lerwill Three Songs by Tom Lehrer 
Daniel Lumby Violin Sonatina by Dvorak
Tim Arlon Various Items 
James McOran Campbell Baritone - Toreador’s Song by Bizet

Matthew Johnson (left 2001). His last performance at Caldicott was at the Piano Festival in 2001 when he played Debussy’s Doctor Gradus. He was taught by Craig Stratton. Now at Radley, he continues to study piano and cello.

Jamie Brown (left 2003) also performed at the 2003 competition and won the overall prize with a dazzling performance of the Toccata by Khachaturian. He was taught by Craig Stratton. A talented artist, he continues to study piano and art at Radley.

Jonathan Lerwill (left 1997) sang in the Choir at Caldicott. He went on to Radley where he continued to enjoy singing, as well as becoming involved with drama, playing leading roles in several musical productions. He is now at Oxford University.

Daniel Lumby (left 2003) last performed unaccompanied Bach at Caldicott in the 2003 House Music Competition. He was taught by James Wild, and won a Music Exhibition to Radley where he is taught by Brenda Stewart of the Bingham String Quartet.

Tim Arlon (80s) has performed all over the country in pubs and clubs, recorded several albums of his own material, played with numerous associates and attended several working mens’ clubs! He has also spent time in the USA where he won recording contracts, toured with his band and enjoyed the life of a southern state superstar. He now lives in London and combines his music career with running his own company,.

James McOran-Campbell (80s) trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and the National Opera Studio in London, studying with Robert Dean. He is a regular performer in the opera, including roles at Covent Garden and St John’s, Smith Square. he has also performed in various recitals, and in oratorio.


Above: James McOran-Campbell



Though the term has only been going for a few weeks, and the Centenary Hall only functional for less than that, it is to the boys’ credit that nearly half of the Senior School is involved in this evening’s concert. Their names appear on the next page. Thank you!

B Abdoo, M & A Al Tajir, L Appenteng, K Bachra, T  Bates, C  & R Beeching, R Binning, A & O Bone, E Bosson, B  Capewell, B Cathcart, J Colligan, R Columbine, M Cooper, M Coupland, F & J Cowdrey, T  Curzon, P Dafinone, N Daruwalla, R de Oliveira, C Doggart, B Doughty, W Duck, H Dunn, K Dyer, T Edwards, B Ekbery, L Feinberg, F Ferguson, L Flanagan, J  Gray, T Greeves, D Halladay, T Harding, G Harrold, J  Heywood, S  Holdstock, J Hoskin, D Jackson, T Jolowicz, C Junor, J  Kane, E Kemp, J Kennedy, J  Lambert, A Lamping, M Leung, H Mann, A Masters, N & A McAlister, T McKinlay, T Milligan, J Owolabi, J Phillpot, A Purewal, B & C Raja, R  Read, C  & T Redwood, E Sasada, J Sasada, D Sharma, G Spencer, M Spooner, H Stephens, H Swift, J Taylor, J Taylor, A Thompson-McCormick, C  Wakefield, G Walia, B Williams, J Xu, L Yagasaki

Blackadder 2 - Special Episode: CHAOS AND CONSTERNATION

Last term, Mags and A Thompson-McCormick devised and directed their own version of Blackadder 2. The cast was made up of some of Anton’s friends from school and was performed at his birthday party. This production is now presented for the Centenary Arts Festival.

SCENE 1 The Throne Room, Court of Queen Elizabeth
SCENE 2 Lord Blackadder’s private rooms
SCENE 3 The Throne Room

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Sir Walter Raleigh T McKinlay
Sir Francis Drake Leo Yagasaki
Queenie J Wakefield
Lord ‘Melchee’ Melchett Sam Holdstock
Lord Edmund Blackadder J Hoskin
Captain Redbeard Rum Oliver Campbell
Nursie A Thompson-McCormick
Baldrick L Feinberg
Lord Percy B Williams
Bob/Kate M Cooper
Bishop of Bath & Wells K Dyer
Screeching Woman R Read
Chief Executioner/Guard A Bone
Lord Farrow R Binning
Lord ‘Flash’ Flashart T Milligan


Sunday - The Festival Orchestra And Chorus - A Family Concert



Orchestra & Chorus
Handel - from Zadok the Priest

This is a coronation anthem using texts from the King James Bible. It is believed that Handel made a personal selection from the most accessible account of an earlier coronation, that of James II of England in 1685. Zadok the Priest has been sung at every English coronation service since its appearance in 1727.


Leo Feinberg
Mozart - 2nd Movement from the Clarinet Concerto

Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto is of supreme importance as his last instrumental work. There are a number of special problems surrounding the piece, since the autograph is lost and the unique instrument for which it was written has not survived. It has become, however, one of the most popular pieces in the clarinettist’s repertoire.


Orchestra & Chorus
Rutter - Feel the Spirit

This is a group of seven spirituals first performed in 2001 at the Carnegie Hall, New York. It was conceived as a showcase for the singer Melanie Marshall. There is a range of styles, from big-band and the blues to Caribbean and close harmony,


Orchestra -
Elgar - Serenade for Strings

Published in 1892, this is probably the earliest of his works in the standard repertoire. It is believed to be a reworking of a suite Elgar had written some years earlier, and has become one of the most frequently performed of his pieces.


Orchestra -
Vivaldi - Autumn, from the Four Seasons, featuring Craig Stratton

This is one of the most popular pieces in the world of classical music. There are over 100 different recordings available. You may not know, however, that The Four Seasons are just four concertos from a larger set of twelve, Opus 8, called The Trial Between Harmony and  Invention.


Orchestra & Chorus -
Handel Arias - Hallelujah Chorus

Should we stand? To an extent standing has become traditional. Research concluded that the practice of standing is widespread in the English-speaking world, including the USA, but not elsewhere.
It was written in the 18th century in just 13 days from text assembled by one of Handel’s admirers. The text is a compilation of biblical quotations from the books of Isaiah, Malachi, Luke, Matthew and Revelation. They give a narrative of Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection.


The weekend saw the first of what will certainly be many events in our magnificent new Centenary Hall. We hope that you have liked what you have seen and heard, and enjoyed the cameraderie, friendship and the unique atmosphere of Caldicott.


Tango Volcano 5th October

Here are three pictures from the Tango Volcano presentation on October 5.

The one below shows O Green enjoying the free presentation after lunch.




And here are two from the evening presentation, open to everyone - including guests from Farnham Common!