Limited Edition Caldicott Print

If you would like to purchase a limited edition print; please contact the Friends of Caldicott.


Limited Edition Print of Caldicott

Commissioned by Paul and Mary Hunnings after fond memories of both their sons, William and Tom, attending Caldicott. These limited edition prints are by a local Buckinghamshire artist, M Ware-Lane. Mr and Mrs Hunnings have recently very kindly donated the last of the limited edition prints to the Friends of Caldicott.  We would like to use the sale of these prints to go towards a newly refurbished playground area for the boys.  The Friends of Caldicott are enormously grateful.

If you’d like to order a limited edition print they can purchase it unframed or framed in either white or grey painted wooden frames.

  • Unframed print | £25.00
  • White wooden framed print | £75.00
  • Grey wooden framed print | £75.00
  • Postage & Packaging cost | TBC