Page Turners | Update

24 February 2021


Caldicott's 2021 Readathon, Page Turners, is achieving its goal of inspiring boys to connect and share their love of reading. Since the introductory, whole school assembly, we have had two additional live readings between the girls of Dusty Yak and our readers at Caldicott. We hope this exercise, in which our love of reading has connected us across the globe to the girls in Nepal, will also have a long-term effect on their spoken English. In the most recent reading, the girls even kicked it off by teaching the boys some Nepali; watch this and the rest of the reading below!

Click here to watch…

In addition to the readings, we have been blown away by the boys that have created book reviews for their peers; they have been engaging, informative and creative. Last week, we shared Anand’s review, and since then we have had more come in! Joshua B in 1st Form (Year 3) has inspired us with his brilliant video review of the Dog Man series, while Aston J has written a great review of The Night Bus Hero, the book we are reading with the girls at Dusty Yak. Jackson C in 3rd Form (Year 5) even got into character as Bear Grylls for his incredibly creative review of Mud, Sweat and Tears, Bear’s autobiography!

Boys should submit their book reviews and sponsorship forms to Ma'am Duncan at [email protected]. Donations can be made by clicking here...


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