Vikings and Castles in History

21 April 2020


During the Spring Term, Year 6 designed and built castles in their History lessons, putting their knowledge of how they were constructed into practice and showing off their creative skills at the same time.

Boys designed castles, of different sorts, out of a variety of household objects, cake, lego and craft supplies. Each castle also needed to have identifying marks to explain each aspect of them and why it was built, such as moats for protection and windows for lookouts.

The department has not been able to judge the castles as yet, but this will happen as soon as everyone is back in school.

Year 3 were also using their creative skills to produce some historical artefacts in the shape of Viking shields. They were hoping to recreate famous battles with them, but they will first need to learn more about the Vikings virtually and then battles will commence once they are back at school.


Castles and Viking Shields in Caldicott History lessons

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