Year 7 visit Hampton Court Palace

10 October 2019


On Tuesday 8 October the 5th Form embarked on an excursion to Hampton Court Palace. This trip dovetailed perfectly with the subject matter they are currently covering in class - namely the Tudor period.

The boys had an opportunity to explore the palace in small teacher-led groups. They were also given a walking tour by an informative and gaudily costumed guide. The focus of the tour was the impact and consequences of the ‘religious rollercoaster’ England experienced during the Tudor dynasty.

Highlights for the boys included the artwork, armoury, kitchen and Henry’s great meeting hall (the boys found the eavesdroppers in the roof rather disconcerting). A personal highlight of Mr Legge’s was observing one member of his small group: Felix T standing with his hands on his hips, staring wide-eyed up at one of the massive paintings in the gallery, he commented to one of his friends: ‘I wish I could spend a few days here... there is just so much to see’. Wonder is something we all want our children to experience and enjoy; it is a privilege to witness the moment when it takes place.

Head of History, Craig Legge said, ‘In my experience, what you get out of a trip like this is dependent on the attitude and the effort you put into it. Consequently, I was delighted to observe the animated interaction and curiosity of the boys as they engaged with the tour guides and the material they observed. This trip will certainly help the boys prepare for aspects of their Common Entrance exam. It also encourages the boys to develop their appreciation for the importance of empathy within a particular context. In the end, trips like this flood colour into History; for the boys who are willing to engage with what they see and hear, it literally brings the dead back to life.’

Comments from boys:

‘My favourite thing about Hampton Court Palace was when I walked around and saw massive paintings of monarchs, princes and princesses. What I mostly looked at was the texture of the paint and the amazing descriptions of their faces. Another thing I looked at was the clothes they used to wear and how different they looked to the clothes we wear today. If anyone visited the palace, I would highly recommend the paintings and I am sure the staff would show you the best ones.’
Felix T

‘Thank you so much for the trip to Hampton Court. It was amazing seeing what life back in the Tudor times really was like. I loved the amazing artwork on the walls and the ceilings, and all of the fantastic Tudor designs of the rooms. The kitchens were very interesting because we could see the food that Henry VIII would eat and how to make it. My favourite part of the trip was the weapons room. It was decorated with at least 10000 or more weapons. It was fantastic. Thank you again.’
Leo F


Year 7 at Hampton Court Palace

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